zero one house update

we are starting excavation this coming monday on the zero one house. zero one is our new luxury, single family home in the highlands. the house will be a modern farmhouse with beautiful, unique materials and interior finishes. the exterior spaces are abundant on this south facing, corner lot and were designed by award winning landscape architecture firm, three sixty design. the 2,700 SF house will have amazing, city views which will be best seen from the teak tiled roof deck. zero one is in a great location in the heart of the highlands, and is walkable to parks, restaurants and downtown. this fabulous 4 bedroom home will be ready for delivery in mid summer, and we can't wait to see the finished product! for inquiries, please contact info@zerosixthree.com.  http://www.zerosixthree.com/zero1/

update on our neighbor

Denver Infill has given us an update on our neighbor here on Platte Street. We are excited about our neighbors that should be up and ready by the beginning of 2015. Galvanize 2.0 will have space for offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and a downstairs restaurant. The 70,000 square foot building will bring much more great attraction to, what we think here at 063 to be, one of the hottest spots in Denver.


the lucy house

Retaining the history of Denver and its neighborhoods is important to us at 063 and we try to keep our projects contextual and respectful. The Lucy House, named after its original owner, Dr. Lucy, is a prime example of historical reinvention. This single family remodel is a beloved home in the Highlands. Dr. Lucy added on his practice to the front of his home, as it was centrally located in the neighborhood. Dr. Lucy specifically catered to the Italian, Irish and the Latino population, who made up the majority of the population in the Highlands in the early part of the 20th century. Another reason we wanted to retain the charm and historical details of this home was because Dr. Lucy was a very well respected and involved member of the Denver community, and a City Councilman. He was a leader in getting the Highlands where it is today, including paving the roads. The neighborhood wanted to keep the history of this home alive, so we chose to reinvent it, as opposed to redeveloping it. Stay tuned to see more updates and pictures of the Lucy House.